Thomas Dudley has now become BIM Compliant

What is BIM and why is it essential for specifiers?

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling or Model. A BIM is an intelligent digital 3D model that supports building design, construction and management.

When one refers to a BIM object or a BIM component/model, it simply means a 3D representation of a real-life object, such as a building product. Digitally accurate and computer generated, these objects or models contain detailed information on each individual product.

Architects, specifiers and other construction industry specialists use BIM to save time and money by making informed decisions when selecting building products.

Thomas Dudley and BIM

Autodesk Revit is an architectural design software platform especially developed for BIM 3D modelling and design.

In recent years, Revit has increased in popularity in the UK and is now used by many professionals to create buildings and systems as well as analysing the compatibility of products for both new build and retrofit applications. As a result, Thomas Dudley has selected Autodesk Revit as its preferred software platform.

Thomas Dudley has in-house BIM object creation resources and therefore all our products are available in Revit and IFC formats. BIM objects can be downloaded free of charge by clicking below.

Download BIM Objects

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