Bathroom Product Ranges

The Acclaim water-saving plastic cistern
Contemporary styling with water saving convertible flush makes the Dudley Acclaim one of the most trusted plastic toilet cisterns available.
The Diplomat plastic flush cistern
Water saving convertible full flush, traditional styling and a proven track record make the Diplomat perfect for any application.
Elite plastic WC cistern
Elite plastic toilet cisterns offer attractive, traditional styling, water saving performance and exceptional reliability.
Compact in size, ideal for both domestic and commerical applicationsand proven water saving performance.

Market leading heavy-duty cistern with a host of vandal resistant features.
Tri-Shell Jetseal
Market leading heavy-duty cistern with syphon and inlet valves that offer exceptional long working life.
Urinal controls
Electroflo Urinal controls for effiecient urinal flushing
Water saving infra-red controls that flush individual urinals only after they have been used.
Vantage concealed cistern from the Uk's leading concealed cisterns manufacturer.
Factory assembled for quick and easy installation, the Vantage concealed cistern incorporates a host of time and water saving features. Converts to offer 6/4, 5/3 or 4/2.6 litre dualflush.

Miniflo concealed cisterns
The Miniflo concealed cistern is compact, factory assembled and offers 6/4, 5/3 or 4/2.6 litre convertible flushing.
Mirage concealed cisterns
The Mirage concealed cistern comes with a water saving Dudley Duoflush syphon and a choice of lever kits for partition/wall/duct thicknesses of 12-365mm.
Phantom concealed toilet cistern
The Phantom concealed cistern offers a compact, lever operated soultion. Supplied with a water saving Duoflush syphon and lever kits to fits partition/wall/duct thicknesses of 12-365mm.
Concealed Cisterns - Dual flush Push Plates
Dual flush plates
Dudley’s range of attractive push plates can be used to enhance any bathroom or washroom.

Concealed Cisterns - Dualflush Pushbuttons
Dual flush buttons
Our single flush and dualflush pushbuttons provide a wide selection of design and size options.