Dudley BETA+

Inlet valves

Bottom inlet
Brass tail Yes
Part 2
Part 3 Yes
Part 4
Plastic tail
Side inlet Yes
Telescopic bottom inlet Yes
Water saving delay fill


  • The World’s most adjustable float valve - designed for use as a replacement in most plastic and ceramic cisterns.


  • Unique, patented multi-lateral adjustment allows float arm to be attached to the valve in three positions so that it does not interfere with the other components in the cistern
  • Float arm quickly and easily adjusts from 152mm – 254mm (6” – 10”)
  • Swivel adjustment allows float to be fixed through 180 degrees
  • Telescopic bottom inlet adjusts from 203mm – 292mm (8” – 11½”)
  • Ideal for high and low pressure (0.1 – 14 bar)
  • Robust ‘Part 3’ design
  • WRAS approved
  • Spares readily available


  • Side inlet
  • Telescopic bottom inlet
  • Plastic tail
  • Brass tail to help prevent cross threading – available shortly – please enquire

Dudley BETA+ Brochure (dudley_beta_plus_float_valve_brochure.pdf, 3,375 Kb) [Download]

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