Jetseal Part 2 Float Valve

Inlet valves

Bottom inlet Yes
Brass tail Yes
Part 2 Yes
Part 3
Part 4
Plastic tail
Side inlet Yes
Telescopic bottom inlet
Water saving delay fill


  • Maintenance saving float valves designed for use as a replacement in most plastic and cermamic exposed and concealed cisterns.
  • Offer an extremely logy working life and are perfect for applications that are heavily used or cannot be left out of service.


  • Jetseal float valves are robustly constructed from brass.
  • Brass tail helps to prevent cross threading.
  • Internal parts are non-wearing and resistant to high temperatures, acid, sea water and chemicals.
  • Exceptionally long working life and proven to perfrom perfectly even after 550,000 cycles.Ideal for high and low pressure.
  • Pressure tested to 35 bar.


  • Jetseal toilet fill valves come in side and bottom inlet options.

Cisterns Brochure (Dudley_Cistern_Components.pdf, 1,311 Kb) [Download]