Thomas Dudley prides itself in being a forward thinking organisation. We therefore understand that investing in the training and development of our people, customers and professionals working within our industry sectors is crucial to the further success of our business.

As such, we offer a number of training initiatives that includes working closely with local colleges to provide training and complimentary product samples. We were also instrumental in helping to develop the new Foundry Apprenticeship Scheme. This scheme aims to equip young adults with the knowledge and practical experience needed to forge rewarding careers within the foundry industry.

Finally, we regularly provide value-adding, educational presentations to architects, plumbing installers and other bathroom and engineering industry professionals. Our new Visitor Centre also provides a behind the scenes insight into operations and career opportunities at Thomas Dudley. A selection of quotes from students who have completed factory tours are provided below.

If you would like to request training materials, presentations or visits to our factory and Visitor Centre, please email us.

Student visit testimonials:

I went to Thomas Dudley expecting to see a dirty 19th century foundry but instead I was welcomed into a friendly and modern environment that was really eye opening.

Ryan Hickman

I found the employers at Thomas Dudley were very helpful and knowledgeable about what they did, they were also very passionate about the company they work for.

Daniel Turley

I was surprised to see the different sections and different roles in the company like assembling and 3D drawing.

Jagdeep Singh

I really enjoyed the trip and I thought that it was very informative; I now know a lot more about what goes on in a foundry and it was also interesting to see some of the automated production machines up close.

Joshua Powell

I enjoy my visit to Thomas Dudley, I really respected the way the workers were treated and the perks they got from the job.

Zoaid Iqbal

All the people at Thomas Dudley were friendly, I liked how the work was laid out and the way they treated their workers. This was something I hadn’t seen before.

Jabran Araf

Before my visit to Thomas Dudley I had a vision of the foundry as a very dirty place to work, but I have now completely changed my opinion. I was welcomed by a friendly and happy team that answered any questions and explained what it was like to work for the foundry and the family.

Daniel Hurley

I enjoyed visiting the workplace, the plastics was interesting, finding out stage by stage how the plastics start off and how they finished. The foundry was also interesting and was different to how I imagined the Foundry to be.

Kieran Wright

A very impressive setup was my main thought as I walked round, the variety of work available made for a very interesting visit. The staff all seemed to emphasise about the cleanliness of the company and all staff took pride in the clean and inviting work environment. That is something in my opinion anyone would want to be part of and I am no different.

Matthew De Gouveia

Prior to my visit, I thought that a foundry would be a dirty and miserable place. I was very surprised to find that it was a clean environment with many friendly people.

Jamie Mittoo

I enjoyed the visit very much. I found it interesting to see the process of how the parts are made, assembled and packaged. The foundry was very interesting, it was different to how I thought it was going to be, everything was clean, not what I’d usually think of working in a foundry.

Sam Fletcher

It was good to see how the information what we learn about in college put in to action at the foundry. I’d be interested in working there; they look after and teach their apprentices well.

Saffron Williamson

It was good to see the machinery in action and how the plastics were processed. I would be interested in a work experience placement as I think it would be a great learning experience.

Jack Hall

I thought the trip was a good educational experience. Showing how sand casting and plastic injection moulding is done, it gave me a good understanding of the process.

Reece Dass