Gender Pay Report 2017

Thomas Dudley Limited is required, by law, to carry out Gender Pay Reporting under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017. The Gender Pay Gap report is based on data as at 5th April 2017. This information has been compiled using the mechanisms that are set out in the Gender Pay Gap legislation.

The following information conforms to the requirements of the Gender Pay Gap Report.

Gender Pay Gap


Bonus Pay Gap

86% Women 93% Men

Gender Pay Quartiles
  Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Women 96% 31% 10% 8%
Male 4% 69% 90% 92%

Thomas Dudley Limited has a number of different operating divisions, with a split that is reflected in the Gender Pay Gap information. We have a high percentage of female employees working on a part time basis within the plastics, and a foundry that has 98% of male employees in areas of heavy labour. These roles are not comparable and have different hourly rates.

Our values allow the diversity and flexibility for those female and male employees who wish to work part time to look after their families.

We do not see this changing in the near future due to the type of work in the foundry that does not attract female employees.

We offer opportunities to both female and males within all divisions of the business and although we do not positively recruit male employees, over the last 12 months 98% of CV’s received, with exception of part time plastics roles, have all been from male applicants.

At Thomas Dudley Limited we work closely with local schools and colleges to show that females can work in engineering and we hope that the next generation of females will see this as a positive career move.

As with all of our working practices, we will continue to review our internal processes to ensure we are fulfilling everything that we as a family business believe in.