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What is TYDE?

If you’ve ever wanted access to an easy flow of plumbing products and knowledge, you’re going to love TYDE. We’re bringing together the strengths of Thomas Dudley and Masefield Beta to create a whole new level of service that puts you right at the heart of our business.


As Thomas Dudley and Masefield Beta, we’ve always had a reputation for delivering top quality products and value-adding solutions. Now, as TYDE, we’re combining our resources to deliver smarter service and the kind of benefits that tick all the boxes.


Our promise is to offer consistent products and quality service from reliable people who believe in communicating honestly and openly.

Why we created TYDE

At TYDE we make and source the widest range available to suit any budget. The team carefully innovates, designs and develops a range of products and services that solve our valued customers’ problems, making life in the plumbing and heating world easier for everyone.


For anyone searching for reliable plumbing products, TYDE has the answer.

~ One convenient, customer-driven supplier
~ Access to the Dudley, Epson, Beta and Cronex brands
~ Over 6,000 innovative products
~ Bespoke and own-brand packaging formats
~ One order, one invoice and one delivery
~ Unrivalled UK stock holding and service
~ Advanced warehousing and logistics

To pass on the benefits

For anyone searching for reliable plumbing products, TYDE has the answer. We make and source the widest range available to suit any budget. The team at TYDE carefully curate a range of products and services that solve our valued customers’ problems. Making life in the plumbing world easier for everyone

Combined with our values

  • ~ Partnership: We work with customers and suppliers to develop market leading solutions to deliver mutual value
  • ~ Teamwork: We trust each other to work safe, hard and smart in an enjoyable way to achieve our goals
  • ~ Family: We care about our employees and wider stakeholders in order to make a positive difference to their lives and the community around them

And our commitment to UK manufacturing

Like every Thomas Dudley business, TYDE is committed to manufacturing in the UK. Our state-of-the-art facilities in the West Midlands are home to around 500 technical, engineering and customer service specialists

By our dedicated people working to provide solutions

Our difference depends on the diverse, engaged, passionate, and experienced people who create our products and serve our customers. We have developed a proven ability to solve customer problems. Whether you are looking to overcome a challenge associated with an application, product or service, we can work with you to provide the perfect solution.


For professional installers

TYDE products are designed with installers in mind and are quick and easy to fit and service. Readily available through trade counters and online retailers, quality and reliability also come as standard along with reassuring warranties and spare parts availability.

For our partners

We provide a wide range of support to help maximise stockist revenues including customer friendly packaging, POS and merchandising displays and a sales team that is vastly experienced in serving merchants, distributors and other resellers. Huge UK stocks and advanced warehousing and logistics also help provide assured supply.

attractive hardware store worker counting stock

For specification

In depth knowledge of the industry, fluid dynamics and water control technology coupled with laboratory testing to WRAS standards and beyond and rapid prototyping capabilities allows bespoke products to be quickly developed around any project or OEM product requirement.

With over
6000 products

Across 4
Industry Leading

TYDE’s Dudley, Epson, Beta and Cronex brands are established within their markets and recognised for quality assured products and services that customers can rely on.



~ Syphons, flush valves and inlet valves
~ Concealed and exposed WC cisterns
~ Urinal cisterns and controls
~ Wall-hung sanitary-ware frames
~ Touch-free electronic products
~ Damage resistant sanitary-ware
~ ProFit+ rewards scheme

The source of clever products for the professional installer

Dudley has earned an unrivalled reputation among professional installers because the trade has helped us create it.

Our development team includes highly experienced plumbers, who know what it’s really like on the job. That’s why we’ve been able to design products that are quicker and easier to fit and service.

If you need quality products, Dudley delivers in spades.


~ Syphons, flush valves, inlet valves
~ Inlet valve floats
~ Flushpipes, bends and connectors
~ Bathroom accessories
~ WC pan connectors
~ Traps and wastes
~ Branded and own brand packaging, merchandising and POS support

The source of clever, cost-effective plumbing products

If you’re looking for an extensive range of cost-effective products, then take a look at Epson.

We bring together a huge selection of products for every application and our attention to detail provides another level of reassurance.

These products can be supplied with bespoke packaging and POS materials.

TYDE approved_logotype_White

~ Brass inlet valves and floats
~ Radiator valves and fittings
~ Pump, isolating, check and gate valves
~ Flexible hoses
~ Gas products and pipe fittings
~ Water hammer arrestors
~ Drain tools and accessories

The source of clever plumbing and heating valves and fittings

Our Beta range is renowned for combining sound functional design with solid reliability.

This extensive collection of products covers plumbing and heating brass-ware, valves, pipe fittings and drainage. And because we keep a keen eye on how everything is made, products can be specified, sold and installed with confidence.

~ Kitchen and bathroom
~ Cistern / tank fittings
~ Pipe fittings
~ Plumbing brassware
~ Washers and seals
~ Hardware
~ Electrical

The source of clever British products for customers around the world

With a history stretching back over 50 years, Cronex is well known for the quality of our plumbing and hardware products. Our knowledge of logistics and international markets also means we can provide great service to customers around the world.

Get access to an extensive range of products that includes pipe fittings, plumbing brass-ware, kitchen and bathroom fittings, cistern and tank fittings as well as washers and seals.



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United Kingdom

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A Thomas Dudley Business

TYDE is a trading name of Thomas Dudley Ltd. Registered in England No.2399487