Our experts met the professionals at Planet Construction on-site to gain a deeper understanding of what was required. The toilets located in the St George's area needed upgrading. The facilities needed to be robust yet stylish and in keeping with the fixtures and fittings. It became clear that the cisterns required weren't a standard size so further investigations were needed to ensure the correct products were installed.

After discussions, our specifications team suggested the Dudley Electroflo range encompassing infra-red WC flushing and basin taps. This range was specifically developed to save water and maintain hygiene. A trial took place to ensure the bespoke cisterns wouldn't present any problems before the full installation was carried out. The Electroflo products are also easy to service, saving both time and money on-site which was another important factor.


“We wanted to use a supplier who had a good reputation for providing quality products with great service. The facilities needed to be upgraded and hygiene was an important factor so the touch-free infra-red technology was ideal and the modern design was very complimentary. Installation was simple with no issues at all.”

A Hurst, Contractor

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