Testing and Compliance

We operate our own UKAS accredited Test Laboratory.

The Thomas Dudley Ltd Testing Laboratory is committed to providing a world class service in conformance with EN/ISO/17025:2017 with regard to the testing of WC suites and related water fittings as required by our clients.
Testing carried out on our clients behalf which we are accredited for under our UKAS scope are for conformance to:
  • BS EN 14055: 2018 (Type 2)
  • BS EN 997: 2018 (Type 2)
  • BS 1212 pt. 2: 1990
  • BS 1212 pt. 3: 1990
  • BS 1212 pt. 4: 1991 (Withdrawn)
  • BS 1212 pt. 4: 2016
  • UK Water Regulations Test Code Sheets
  • TCS 1211.15
  • TCS 1411.3
  • TCS 1412.1
  • TCS 2111.1
  • TCS 2212.3
  • TCS 2213.12
  • TCS 2213.14
  • TCS 5011.1
  • TCS 6001.1

To view our UKAS scope of accreditation Click Here to find out more.

These test standards also form part of our WRAS Test Laboratory recognition agreement: Click Here to find out more.

With over 50 years of combined experience of Product Testing and compliance Procedures, manufacturers and suppliers use our testing facilities and our technical expertise combined with our broad knowledge of UK standards and water regulations to gain market access and verify product performance and compliance.

WRAS Product Approval

The Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is a recognised UK Water Industry approval scheme. Products approved by the scheme have been shown to comply with the requirements of the Water Supply [Water Fittings] Regulations 1999 and amendments.

Thomas Dudley Limited as a WRAS recognised Test laboratory carries out Water Regulations Testing for WC Suites, Independent WC Flushing Cisterns, WC Flushing mechanisms and WC Inlet Valves for Mechanical requirements, these test results can then be submitted to WRAS for Approval and Certification.

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