Aladdin Isolator

Easy Fit Plumbing Isolation Valve.


The quick fit plumbing isolation valve for pressurised pipes. The isolator valve clamps around and installs into 15mm copper or plastic pressurised pipe (hot or cold), providing a large bore, permanent stopcock in the system. WRAS Approved.



  • When the mains stopcock is seized or inaccessible, save calling out the water board - improve your 'first fix' rate
  • When you need to maintain a component in a heating system, save time cooling, draining down, refilling and returning to de-aerate - the bigger the system, the bigger the saving
  • Isolating a mains water feed in a multi-occupancy building, save notifying and inconveniencing neighbours
  • As an emergency shut-off for a leaking pipe, even when you can't freeze you can still Easy-Fit to pipes with moving water
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