Back to Wall Pan Connector 90° Adjustable 350mm

Back to the Wall Pan Connector - 90° Adjustable by cutting 350mm.



Our range of Pan Connectors are available in different styles and sizes to suit a wide range of toilet pans. No matter how awkward the location of the toilet pan, we are sure you will find a Pan Connector within our range that will meet your needs.

Our Pan connectors are suitable for either domestic or commercial use, whether you are looking to complete a new installation or fix a broken part that isn’t working quite as it should, you can always count on these products being of the best quality, durable, reliable and easy to install.



  • 90°
  • Adjustable by cutting
  • 350mm
  • Supplied with stabilising bolt which is designed to make back to wall instalation easy and secure
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Stock Item - Available for next working day dispatch
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