Radmaster Radiator Tail

Radmaster Isolating Radiator Tail.



Initial installation of the Radmaster Isolating Radiator Tails in existing systems requires only the radiator to be drained and the new build installation is immediate. The radiator can be removed and reinstalled in minutes as a result of not having to drain down / refill. Use of the valued tails makes the whole process environmentally friendly. These is no water and inhibitor to dispose of, no fresh water top up and no need to top up and check inhibitor concentration; a requirement of the boiler warranty / guarantee



  • The isolation valve is compatible with all systems irrespective of size of inlet /outlet valves
  • No airlocks
  • No need to drain the system
  • Isolates radiator from heating system
  • One man operation
  • Tested to 25 bar
  • Allen key operation for all round access
  • No need to re-pressurize trhe system
  • Tested and conforms to BS2767
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