Hydroflo Telescopic Bottom Inlet Standard Fill Brass Tail

Hydroflo Telescopic bottom inlet valve with brass tail.



Dudley Hydroflo Float Valves are Equilibrium Quiet Filling Part 4 Valves, manufactured to BS1212 standards. These are available in side or adjustable bottom inlet from 8″ to 11.1/2″, with either a plastic or brass tail option to help prevent cross-threading. The unique float arm makes it impossible for the float to become detached. Filter removal is made quick and simple by providing a key attached to every diverter, without causing any damage to the valve. Simple and easy to install, this valve is a great replacement for any cistern. Hydroflo Telescopic bottom inlet valve with brass tail.

Telescopic valves can have a joint beneath the waterline when installed. To ensure full compliance to water regulations when fitting, please ensure the joint is above the critical waterline


  • Unique key is provided for simple and safe removal of the filter
  • Supplied fitted with and integral flow regulator
  • Adjustable Height 8" - 11.5"
  • Two built in backflow prevention devices to prevent contamination of fresh water supply
  • 1/2" Brass Tail
  • Stock Item - Available for next working day dispatch


Our current range of fully compliant Hydroflo inlet valves, come pre-fitted with a flow regulator, so no need for a flow restrictor. Our previous range were supplied with a flow restrictor, which needed to be removed for water pressures below 1.5 bar. As these inlet valves operate on an equilibrium principle, which uses the supply water pressure against itself to operate the valve they are suitable for use on water pressures between 0.1 bar and 14 bar.

If a Hydroflo inlet valve is not closing off, it may only need for the diaphragm washer and filter to be cleaned. Remove the large white nut attached to the float arm, This will give you access to the diaphragm washer, remove the washer, and clean with running water. To remove the filter, use the white key stored on top of the blue overhead discharge nozzle. This has a Bayonet fitting to help remove the filter unit. Clean the filter of any dirt and debris. Replace the cleaned filter and diaphragm washer, and re-assemble the unit.

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