Hydroflo Part 4 Float Valve

Inlet valves

Bottom inlet Yes
Brass tail Yes
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 Yes
Plastic tail Yes
Side inlet Yes
Telescopic bottom inlet Yes
Water saving delay fill Yes


  • Innovative float valves that have beenn designed to provide the perfect replacement in most plastic and ceramic exposed and concealed cisterns.
  • Also supplied as standard or as an optional extra in Dudley cisterns.


  • Hydroflo float valves come with a compact body, float arm and float.
  • A silence tube makes the Hydroflo one of the quietest toilet fill valves.
  • A unique key is provided for simple and safe removal of the filter.
  • The unique float arm makes it impossible for the float to become detached.
  • Two built in backflow prevention devices provide assured safety.
  • Hydroflo float valves are WRAS approved.


  • Delay fill models save water and support the Code for Sustainable Homes and BREEAM by only allowing a cistern to start refilling once flushing is complete.


  • Side, bottom and telescopic bottom inlet.
  • Fixed bottom inlet in 203mm (8") - 292mm (11½").
  • Brass tails to help prevent cross-threading.
  • Delay fill facility.
  • Please enquire for individual product codes.

Cisterns Brochure (Dudley_Cistern_Components.pdf, 1,311 Kb) [Download]