Dudley Vantage

High quality concealed cistern designed specifically for use in bathroom furniture.



Thomas Dudley manufactures a market-leading range of high quality concealed cisterns. These are perfect for use in all domestic and commercial applications and can be used with confidence in fitted furniture or behind tiles and most partitioning materials. A vast range of pushbuttons, push plates, levers and touch-free electronic sensors is available to provide the perfect finishing touch to any project. The Vantage has been designed specifically for use in bathroom furniture. It is ideal for use behind tiles and partitioning and in most other concealed applications. Available in multiple specifications. Please contact TYDE for more information.

Supports BREEAM, bespoke flush volumes available upon request.

For other specification options please contact TYDE


  • 460mm [W] x 369mm [H] x 125mm [D]
  • Fitted with integral isolating valve and internal overflow warning
  • Air tubes enable button, plate or sensor to be installed up to 750mm away from cistern
  • Front and Top Access panels
  • Compact dimensions enables the Dudley Vantage to fit neatly into furniture units as small as 500mm [W] x 200mm [D] x 800mm [H]
  • Fitted with Hydroflo Side Inlet
  • Fitted with Nigarara Pneumatic Valve
  • Fitted with Dio Button
  • Other Options Available: Insulation Jacket, Single Flush, 73.5mm Button, Piazza Button, Royal Button, Oyster Plate, Reef Plate Coral Plate, Electroflo. Plus Others
  • For other variations please contact TYDE
  • Stock Item - Available for next working day dispatch


We offer a range of push buttons and push plates, most of which are compatible with the Vantage & Miniflo cisterns

We used the Dudley Niagara Dual Flush Flushing Valve Unit (Part Number 327628) in both the Vantage and Miniflo cisterns.

We use the Dudley Hydroflo Side Supply Inlet Valve in the Vantage cistern. However, as this unit is clipped into the back of the cistern, this needs to be a plastic tailed version (do not use the brass tailed version). The latest fully compliant unit that we use in the Vantage is the Hydroflo Compact Side Supply Plastic Tail (Part Number 334686) which is compatible with any previous Vantage cistern that we have manufactured.

Yes you can. We can supply an upgrade kit to convert a button operated Vantage/Miniflo cistern to be able to be used with our Electroflo infrared non-touch operation. Battery operated version part number 326095. Mains electrical operation part number 326096

Yes you can replace the Electroflo control box and sensor with one of our push buttons or push plates. There is no need to replace the cistern of any of its component parts, just connect the pneumatic tubes that were connected to the Electroflo control box, to the back of the button.

Yes you can. You would need to replace the single flush Niagara Pneumatic Flushing Valve with a Dual Flush Niagara Pneumatic Flushing Valve (part number 327628), and then replace the single flush button with one of our range of push buttons or push plates.

Yes you can. In order to convert the cistern to a single flush, you would need to replace the dual flush button with one of our single flush buttons. Most of our dual flush buttons has a single flush equivalent. Connect the clear/white pneumatic tube (full flush) from the dual flush button to the back of the single flush button. Discard the green pneumatic tube (reduced flush). If replacing the Niagara Flush Valve, connect the clear/white tube from the single flush push button to the full flush side of the Niagara Flushing Valve. Identified, by the full circle symbol below the connecting spigot on the valve.

This could be for one of two reasons. Either the Niagara Flushing Valve Unit is not sealing off after flushing, or the Hydroflo Inlet Valve is not closing off, causing the cistern to internally overflow. Remove the flushing unit from the cistern, by turning 90 degrees anti-clockwise, this will release the unit from its bayonet fitting, Remove the unit from the cistern. Check that the rubber seal on the bottom of the valve, is clear of any debris or limescale, and that the seal is in good condition. Replace if needed, spares part number 323306. Ensure that the white cage that this units sits in within the cistern, is also cleaned of any debris or limescale. Remove the top cap by releasing the two clips on the side of the valve, check that all of the pistons and lift rods etc. are clean of any debris or limescale, and that they are operating freely. Check that the bellows are fully seated within the valve, cover the bellows with you thumb and give them a push down to ensure that they are fully seated. Reassemble the unit and refit into the cistern. Check that the unit is now working all ok. If needed the Niagara Flushing Valve can be replaced. Spares part number 327628. Hydroflo Inlet Valve Isolate the water supply to the cistern, unclip the Hydroflo Inlet Valve from the retaining clip at the back of the cistern. Remove the unit from the cistern. Remove the white front nut, remove the diaphragm washer, wash out the diaphragm in clean water, ensuring that it is clean of any debris or limescale. Use the white key on top of the blue overhead discharge nozzle, to remove the filter from the inlet valve. Wash out the filter and ensure that this is clear of any debris or limescale. Replace both the filter and the diaphragm washer, refit the white front nut. Ensure that the float arm is fully clipped into place on the front nut. Refit the inlet valve into the cistern and clip back into place. Adjust the float to ensure that the water is at the correct level within the cistern. Check that the inlet valve is now working all ok. If needed the Hydroflo Inlet Valve can be replaced, Spares part number 334686.

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